Daten von TB in BB importieren

  • Hallo Profis,

    habe BB installiert ohne Probleme. nun wollte ich von BB die Daten von TB importieren lassen. hat die daten nicht gefunden. Warum? Was mache ich falsch ?

    BB 91.4.1-bb23 (64-Bit)

    Windows 11 (64-bit)

    Gruß siteRay

  • Steht auch auf der BB-Support-Seite:

    Betterbird: Support

    How to switch between Thunderbird and Betterbird?

    Betterbird is designed to be 100% compatible with Thunderbird of the same version. For example at time of writing you can switch between Betterbird 91.3.2-bb21 and Thunderbird 91.3.2 without problem. If Betterbird doesn't already detect your Thunderbird profile, start Betterbird with the -p option which will launch the profile manager. You can select your regular profile there. Another option is to view all profiles via Help > More Troubleshooting Information. Click on the about:profiles link which will take you to a tab where you can select a different default profile.