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    Compacting folders frees up space locally, it doesn't do anything to the gmail server. I can view the messages in the Gmail web interface and they show they are only 1 kb in size now, where they used to be around 3 - 7 MB (mp3 files). But gmail says I am still nearly at capacity (14.88 of 15 GB used).

    Please, give the following information:

    • Thunderbird version: 68.4.1
    • Operating system + version: Windows 10
    • Version of the add-on: 2.0.6

    I was using 98% of my gmail space, so I used the add-on to download about 3.5 GB of attachments and then once I verified they were good, I used the "Just delete attachments from selected messages" function. Gmail now shows these attachments prefaced with "deleted" and they appear to only take up 1kb of space, but Gmail still shows me using 98% of my 15 GB. Somehow it is still counting the original size of the attachments. Help?