Sync Lithning with Android Phone - My Phone Explorer: Loading Entries from Thunderbird failed

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    • Thunderbird-Version:45.8.0
    • Lightning-Version:4.7.8
    • Betriebssystem + Version:Windos 10, 1803
    • Eingesetzte Antivirensoftware:Avast
    • Firewall (Betriebssystem-intern/Externe Software):Windows

    When trying to sync 2 Lightning calendars with my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (Android 6.0) "My Phone Explorer" program displays error message: Loading Entries from Thunderbird failed.

    My Thunderbird Profile is not stored in the standard path C:\users\name\AppData. However, even moving my profile data to this location does not solve the problem.

    My phone explorer works perfectly syncing with Samsung phone in all other areas.

    Up to now I have used BirdieSync for syncing the two calendars with the phone). My installed BirdieSync software is not compatible with newer Thunderbird versions. I would also like to keep various add-ons and am therefore not keen on switching to Thunderbird 60. However, I have tested the latest Thunderbird version just for interest with MPE. Same problem.

    Any ideas what else I could try to solve the problem? Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.


  • I guess you have noticed that this is a german forum. Some of the participants here do not speak English well enough and require tools for translation. This limits the likelihood of getting an answer to your questions.

    However, your first name suggests that you speak German. If this is the case, just try again in German. Otherwise I would recommend you to post your questions in the US-Forum at

    I cannot help you much with regard to MPE. I do not use it. However, there are alternatives for synchronizing calendars and address books:

    • CalDAV and CardDAV. This gives you access to calendars/address books stored at a provider of your choice or on your own server.
      For me, this is the most comfortable way. Once set up, there is nothing you need to do, regardless where you are.
      While CalDAV is supported by default in Thunderbird, CardDAV is not. Hence, for the address book the Cardbook extension is required.
      Android still does not support these standards by default. You would need an additional app.
    • Via WLAN with the Generalsync Add On provided by generalsync.
    • There is also an Add On for syncronization with MS-Exchange. I currently do not remember it's name and functionality.

    You can find more information about all the options here in the forum.

  • So geht_s mit den "Neuen". Vielen Dank für die nette Antwort. Inzwischen habe ich das Problem lösen können. MPE installiert sich zwar auf dem PC, das nötige AddOn (Extension) für Thunderbird wird aber nicht automatisch installiert. Die XPI File befindet sich im Installationsverzeichnis von MPE, muss dann aber in Thunderbird separat manuell aufgerufen und installiert werden. Jetzt funktioniert alles bestens.

    Auf jeden Fall nochmals vielen Dank für den Hinweis und die schnelle Reaktion.