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    Thanks Thunder for your reply (I have to enable email notifications to know about that sooner).

    Is there any issue/ticket in the Thunderbird issue tracker which I could monitor to get notifications once it would be possible to achieve?

    Btw, what is the best way to report issues/feature requests related to "Allow HTML Temp"? I wasn't able to find any issue tracker or an email address?

    Hi. It might not be the best place to report an issues/a feature request, however, I wasn't able to find the Allow HTML Temp's author or any better support contact (please provide any if I just missed it).

    When "Show HTML" button is used to temporary chance displayed email content format to "original html" and a reply button is clicked with SHIFT to open a rich text compose window, a quoted message is in "plain text". I would expect to have the content in "original html" used. It works fine when a "switched" in a status bar is used (but not the "show html" button in a upper toolbar).

    I wonder if it is just a Thunderbird limitation or it could be implemented in the future version of the extension.

    • Thunderbird-Version: 52.7.0
    • Allow HTML Temp: 5.4.2