suggestion for new feature(s)

  • Hi,
    I'd like to suggest a new feature which would be quite useful: see the thread of a conversation, i.e. whenever I answer an email, it should be possible to see my answer and the mail I answered closely related.
    Similarly helpful would be a view depicting all emails from another person and all emails to this person (or persons), i.e. to allow a different view instead of the usual folder-centered one which exists by now.



  • Hi Jakob,

    first you will not find the developers here, this is an User to User forum only.
    The wanted feature will be done by an workaround by using virtual folders.
    Just have a look in the documentation, cause my english isn´t very good :roll:

    the next version from TB will have a feature for storing outgoing messages (by using the answering option) in the same folders as the answered comes from, so that the relation is easier to see