Sending mails automatically

  • Hello!

    We are looking for a Thunderbird extension, which sends an e-mail automatically after its creation. The e-mail is created by an external application (AVM Fritz! Fax). So what we would like to do is a "fax to mail service".

    Any ideas about that? Thank you so much! Wilke

  • Hi,

    i think a mail transfer agent (like courier, sendmail, exim or postfix for *nix or Xmail for Windows) is a better way for automatically sending mails. The german wikipedia article about mail transfer agents lists a few of them. But i have to admit that in contrast to mtas, i don't have any experience with AVM Fritz! Fax, so i may be wrong.
    As far as i know though it's possible to automatically fill out all the forms for an email (via command line arguments), there's no way to get it automatically send in Thunderbird.


  • Well, I using AVM Fritz Software to collect phone calls and faxes and forward them via Thunderbird Mail. The Fritz!Mail application generates a mail with attachments and Thunderbirds compose creates a correct message.

    But the message is not send always, the compose windows remains open.

    However, it did work already, but using Thunderbird V. there is a problem, the message is not send.

    There are no add-ons installed. Base system is WinXP Pro SP3 current fix-level.

    Any ideas? How can trace the process to figure out the hang reason?