AttachmentExtractor Continued: detach all doesn't work

  • Thunderbird (60.5.3 (32 bit))

    Win 10 Pro

    Dear Alex,

    many thanks for your effort to reinstall the Attachment Extractor Addon. Once (before to install Thunderbird 6.0) I only used it to eliminate all the attachments from mails (the last option in the sub-menu of AE), not using at all the other 5 options.

    Unfortunately the new add-on seems to not work properly. I start the process (a little bit longer than before but never mind) clicking on the last option "Elimina allegati da tutti i messaggi nella cartella" (I use the Italian version that should correspond to "Detach all") and at the end nothing happens and all the attachments are still available in all the mails.

    I'm not an expert so maybe I was wrong to apply the procedure. Have you any hints for me? I'm using the Italian version. Could be this the reason for this malfunction?

    Best wishes


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  • Thanks for the reply.

    "It will only work using..." means that in the future there will be this feature?

    At the moment the command "Detach all" is not working in any condition.

    All the best


  • Ok now. Many thanks again.

    I see the option for each mail. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that one of the most common request from the past users of AE was/is to still have the "Detach all" command in the new version of AEC for all the mails present in one specific folder, in order to avoid the very time consuming operation of detaching the attached files from every mail.

    Do you think that this command could be re-installed in a future version of AEC?

    All the best