Extracting embedded attachments

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    • Thunderbird version: 60.8.0 (32-bit)
    • Operating system + version: Windows 10
    • Version of the add-on: 1.0b1

    I would like to thank you guys for re-doing the original AttachmentExtractor. I've been using Thunderbird for quite a while and had to disable the auto-updates because the old AE 1.3.5 would not work with TB 60. I was using TB 52.9.1.

    I did find a small issue which right now I can work around, but it's annoying. When I was using the old AE, whenever I extracted a selected group of emails, the view would change the message body to plain text while it was extracting. Once it was done, if there was another message, the view would stay as plain text. If I changed folder or went out and back into the folder, the message body view would change back to original HTML, which was my default. With the new AE 1.0b1, I think the message body stays the same as your default view. This is fine for regular attachments. But I've found that I have emails that not just have files showing as attachments, but some are actually embedded files.

    If I switch the message body view to Text only, the embedded images show up as attachments. I can then run AE 1.0b1 to extract them. But I then have to switch back to Original HTML in order to actually see see them in the email.

    Can this feature, extract embedded images, be added to AE 1.0?


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  • The requested feature is existing. Have a look in the advanced options - there you can enable the feature.

    I am currently updating the add-on for the upcoming Thunderbird 68. The work on this is going very well, so I hope to be able to release this Update short after Thunderbird 68.

  • Dear Thunder,

    We are now in version 68.7.0, Did you already succeed in implementing this solution? I do not find it in the AttachmentExtractor Continued options.

    Congratulations for the extra, it is helpful :). But it would really be even more helpful if the link to the detached messages within the emails could be retained. This would enable seamlessly reducing the size of Thunderbird files by detaching all attachments of all messages into a folder, The size of TB files is really a big hassle in many ways. Mine is beyond 20GB!...



  • But it would really be even more helpful if the link to the detached messages within the emails could be retained.

    To (re-)implement this for Thunderbird 60.* and/or 68.* a code change in Thunderbirds core would be necessary:


    This code change probably will never be done, because of the future MailExtension API, which does not allow tools like AEC at all.