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  • The add-on provides a combined Get and Send button with a context menu with additional features.

    The add-on was known as "MagicSLR" until version 4.0.1 and has now been renamed to "Get/Send Button", because all functionality to send later was removed. The button still allows the manual sending of messages from the outbox, but messages are no longer sent automatically at the end of the program. The add-on now focuses on its original basic function.


    For the additional button "Send Later" you can now use the separate add-on "Send Later Button", which can be used together with the "Send Later" add-on from jikamens, which has been available for some years and ultimately has real added value.

    1 Download

    The download can be found on "ATN (": Download

    2 Buttons and their functions

    The current version offers you several buttons which you can insert into Thunderbirds main toolbar.


    Open View ➔ Toolbars ➔ Customize... or ➔ Settings ➔ Customize Toolbars... to add buttons that are not yet in your main toolbar.

    You will find the following buttons provided by this add-on:

    2.1 In the main window (3-Pane-Window)

    • Get/Send
      This button contains all the important functions which can be accessed via the context menu (by clicking on the small arrow). What should happen when clicking on the button itself, you can configure. Go to Extras ➔ Add-ons... ➔ Extensions, select "Get/Send Button" and right-click. In the context menu, select Settings....
    • Send all
      This button corresponds to the menu entry File ➔ Send messages from Outbox . A click on it sends all messages that have been stored in the outbox. You can place the button either in the normal functions toolbar or in the title bar at the top:

      In the main toolbar:

      In the title bar:

    3 Options

    To configure the Get/Send button and set the behavior for outbox messages, go to Tools ➔ Add-ons... ➔ Extensions, select Get/Send Button and click on Settings....

    3.1 Button Functions

    • Clicking on the Get/Send button retrieves messages from all accounts or just the current account, depending on the setting. You can also set whether to retrieve accounts whose passwords have not yet been saved. The missing passwords will be asked for if necessary. If you select by default that messages should only be retrieved from Current Account, you can still later use Shift + Click to get messages from all accounts.
    • For the button Get/Send you can also set that it also sends all messages from the Outbox (and only then does the button actually call Get/Send). Sending can be suppressed as of version 3.3 if you hold down the Ctrl (or Cmd on macOS) button when clicking the button.

    3.2 Passwords

    4 Reset settings to default in Config Editor

    If you used the "Get/Send Button" add-on, the associated or necessary hidden settings in Thunderbird were changed by this add-on according to your selection in the options of the add-on. If you no longer have the add-on installed, or if you want to return to Thunderbird default settings for other reasons, you can do this at any time using the Config Editor (About:config).

    You have to check and reset the following settings in the Config Editor:

    Thunderbirds own/internal settings:

    • signon.rememberSignons

    Add-on specific settings:

    • extensions.getsendbutton.GetSendButton_SendYes
    • extensions.getsendbutton.GetSendButton_OnlySingleAccount
    • extensions.getsendbutton.GetSendButton_AskPasswords

    5 Localization

    5.1 Supplied languages

    The add-on has been translated into about 25 languages so far. But some translations are not completely up to date.

    5.2 Create and improve localization

    The add-on localization can be done on the Crowdin localization platform (starting in November 2019). Please, no longer use BabelZilla for the translation, as it is no longer compatible with current add-ons from Thunderbird 68 and newer.

    6 Version history

    6.1 Version 6.0.4

    • Fix issue in options dialog (dark text on dark background) with some lightweight themes (may be the related issue is a Thunderbird bug)

    6.2 Version 6.0.2

    • Internal changes to improve locale mapping with crowdin.

    6.3 Version 6.0

    • Upgraded for Thunderbird 78 using the WindowsListener-API
    • Improvements for Dark-Mode in Thunderbird 78

    6.4 Version 5.7.5

    • Bugfix: Permanent disabled popup menu items
    • Improvement: Opacity for disabled popup menu items (to "light" grey)
    • Addon localization was migrated to the "Crowdin" platform

    6.5 Version 5.6.5

    • Small locales fix (shortened addon name)
    • Removed the reference to an unnecessary JS file

    6.6 Version 5.6.4

    • Two bugfixes to get a working button popup again in Thunderbird 68.0b1

    6.7 Version 5.6.1

    • Supports Thunderbird 67.0 Beta 3 and later versions (the upcoming Thunderbird 68)

    6.8 Version 5.3.1

    • Icon of the "Send all" button is now displayed again in the Customize dialog of the toolbar in Thunderbird 60 Beta and newer.

    6.9 Version 5.3

    • Supports Thunderbird versions 58+ (add-on settings dialog).
    • New, additional SVG icon in the button's drop-down menu. This is now also used as an icon for the add-on itself in Add-on Manager and AMO.
    • Improvements to the CSS and icons to allow collaboration with dark "lightweight" themes. See the icon for "Send all":

      Thunderbird version 52:

      Thunderbird from up version 58+:

    6.10 Version 5.1

    • Minor internal customization to support Thunderbird from version 57+.
    • The text "(reduced MagicSLR)" has been removed from the title of the add-on.

    6.11 Version 5.0.3

    • Bugfix: This update restores the functionality in Thunderbird 52. This was necessary because in Thunderbird 52 internally an outdated interface for accessing the settings was removed.

    6.12 Version 5.0.2

    • Add-on has been renamed to "Get/Send Button".
    • All automatically functions to send later have been removed.
    • SVG icons are used, as far as already available in Thunderbird.

    7 See also