Restore of deleted messages

  • Hello,
    after specification that messages > 30 days could be deleted, I realized that all (!) subgroups were concerned. Many old messages disappeared.

    Compress hasn't yet be done. That is the old messages should still be contained in MBOX files, but flagged with "Deleted".

    My Question: How can I recover those deleted messages?


  • hello hmoll,

    1. close your thunderbird (!!!)
    2. search for the file, in which the mail should been, before you deleted it (not msf-file!!)
    3. backup the file
    4. open the file with an text-editor (you'll find the newest mails at the bottom)
    5. find your mail and set the "X-Mozilla-Status" per example to "0001" and save the file
    6. open thunderbird and look for your mail


  • Thanks for Your info. It Works as I can see.
    Now some work has to be done, to get all the old messages back. I'll do this by hand - not by program.
    Regards & thanks
    Heinrich (HMOLL)