Detach in Linux

    Hi there !

    First thing first, I really appreciate the work you guys are doing with this add-on, it's reaaally useful, thank you very much.

    I'm currently running:

    • Thunderbird 68.9.0
    • Oracle Linux 7.8 (which is binary/source compatible to RHEL 7.8)
    • AttachmentExtractor Continued: 2.0.6

    I might be confused but I'm not able to "detach" attachment using the tool.

    • AEC can save
    • AEC can delete
    • AEC can combine save & delete
    • but I'm unable to detach (saving the attachment and saving the link inside the email)

    Am I missing something ?

    Thank you !

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  • As an improvement to the program, Thunderbird 68 can now save the link to detached attachments. Unfortunately, this function was programmed in Thunderbird in such a way that you cannot access this function (even with the add-on) when saving / detaching multiple attachments. It would have been possible to change only a few lines of code in Thunderbird, which I had asked the programmers to do. This was not done.

    In order to program this in the add-on itself, a great effort would have been necessary, which unfortunately no longer pays off. The add-on is "dead" with Thunderbird 78 because it no longer offers the APIs. Sorry :(



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    Hi Thunder,

    This is sad news, this add-on was very useful.

    Thank you for your reply and dedication to this community.