Exception list

  • TB 102.6.1 (64-bit)

    AHT 8.1.5

    It would be great if AHT had Exception list, where all emails from particular address would be displayed in HTML (either basic or original).

    Motivation: my bank send me account updates and they include valuable information (date/ammount/merchan) in HTML part and plain-text part only says "your client doesn't support html"... (which is beyond stupid as it's virtually all-text notification without any formatting or images...)

  • Thanks for your feature request, but first of all your bank should create mail including a plaintext content part which not only forces their clients to enable HTML mode in their mail app.

    Your request seems reasonable at first glance, but IMHO it would not be a good idea. Scam mail often uses fake sender addresses, which could also be the email address from your bank. One important "feature" in using Allow HTML Temp is the users brain, which thinks about enabling HTML or not. And this would be "lost", when providing a feature like a positive list.