TB has problems updating existing contact via CardDav

  • Thunderbird: 24.2.0
    Inverse SOGo Connector Thunderbird 24.0.2 (released on November 22nd 2013)
    Baïkal 0.2.6
    Android: CardDAV sync (multiple clients)
    Betriebssystem + Version: Windows 7

    Dear all,
    We encounter the following issue when updating an existing contact using the above configuration:

    Even though synchronization between Thunderbird address book and Baikal works well in BOTH directions, existing contacts seem not to be updated to and from Thunderbird.

    Exact Steps to reproduce:

    Have Thunderbird 24.2.0 with Inverse SOGo Connector 24.0.2 and Baïkal 0.2.6
    As well as one other (e.g.) Android client syncing via CardDav.

    -Generate a NEW contact (e.g. "Kontakt TB3") in TB addressbook, enter a private phone number.
    -Sync addressbook with other client, checking new Kontakt TB3 has appeared.
    -Then Go back to Thunderbird and edit existing Contact "Kontakt TB3" by changing the private phone number. Click OK to Save.
    -Make sure a Sync is performed again.

    => Contact is NOT updated on other clients (e.g. CardDav sync on Android).

    Hence Thunderbird has problems updating an existing contact via the CardDAV protocol.

    Is there a workaround for that?

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