[English] Allow HTML not working with Content-Type: multipart/signed

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    • Thunderbird-Version: 52.5.0 (64-bit)
    • Betriebssystem + Version: macOS High Sierra
    • Kontenart (POP / IMAP): IMAP
    • Postfachanbieter (z.B. GMX): various

    Hi, appologies for writing in English but my German knowledge is utterly basic (ja/nein/retchts/links…)

    I love the above extension and it works great in the past years. However, recently I've noticed that it doesn't detect correctly HTML part if the message has Content-Type: multipart/signed; instead of usual Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

    Would it be possible to handle HTML messages that are also signed? Thunderbird can display them just fine if forced in the settings.

  • Hi, thank you for your feedback!

    I'll have a look into it. At the moment the addon looks for "text/html" in the message body. Would it be possible to forward a few comparable example messages to me? I need the whole message source code, to have a look into it.


  • Hi,

    I believe that I have found and fixed it completely for S/MIME encrypted messages.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to parse encrypted PGP/MIME messages for the existence of HTML parts. In case of PGP/MIME encrypted messages the addon will now activated the button regardless of the existence of an HTML part.

    The fixed version is attached in this post for download:

    Updates zu "Allow HTML Temp" und "Abrufen-/Senden-Schaltfläche" für Thunderbird 57+


  • Unfortunately I wasn't able to prepare complete case messages (will try to manage that shortly) however problematic mail has following sections:

    What's more - those are not *encrypted*, only *signed* messages.

    I've tried the new version and it seems to be working ok -- even signed messages are detected correctly. Thanks! :)