Question on background colors

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  • Please, give the following information:

    • Thunderbird version: 78.5.0
    • Operating system + version: Windows 10 2004
    • Version of the add-on: 2.0.5

    I am brand new to this plugin. I really like it, but I have a question.

    When I select the option to use background colors for the different levels of quotes, it seems to link the quote to the wrong line describing who made the quote.

    I have attached an example, with added comments about why it looks strange to me.

    Is this the way it is supposed to work? I hope I am clear enough.



  • graba

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  • Hello,

    I think I understand your "problem", but this is not a problem of the add-on. The basis for the quotation levels comes from the e-mail clients involved and is specified with the ">" character or, in the case of HTML messages, via an HTML tag. The add-on has no influence on this. The respective comment that a person wrote something on a certain date is not in his own text, but in the respective answer to it. That's why it seems "wrong" to you. But the logic is perfectly correct, as I (and the programmers of all e-mail clients think).