"Allow HTML Temp" ignores temprary change by button on reply

  • Hi. It might not be the best place to report an issues/a feature request, however, I wasn't able to find the Allow HTML Temp's author or any better support contact (please provide any if I just missed it).

    When "Show HTML" button is used to temporary chance displayed email content format to "original html" and a reply button is clicked with SHIFT to open a rich text compose window, a quoted message is in "plain text". I would expect to have the content in "original html" used. It works fine when a "switched" in a status bar is used (but not the "show html" button in a upper toolbar).

    I wonder if it is just a Thunderbird limitation or it could be implemented in the future version of the extension.

    • Thunderbird-Version: 52.7.0
    • Allow HTML Temp: 5.4.2
  • Hi, if you want to continue your question in English, it would be better to visit the English forum Mozillazine.

    I'm sure you will find there a helpful answer.

    But first wait a few days, maybe you will get an adequate answer here as well.

    As far as I am concerned, unfortunately, I don't use that add-on.


    Wenn du deinen Thread weiterhin in Englisch fortführen möchtest, wäre es vielleicht besser, noch einmal im Mozillazine-Forum zu fragen.

    Die werden sicher weiterhelfen können. Aber vielleicht findest sich ja auch hier jemand. Warte einfach noch ein paar Tage.

    Was mich betrifft, ich verwende leider das betr. Add-on nicht.


    Konversationen ohne vorherige Anforderung werden ignoriert..
    Windows 10, 64-bit, immer die aktuelle Thunderbird-Version und ältere Testversionen. Testprofile vorhanden.
    Testkonten bei den meisten größeren Mailanbietern wie GMX, Web.de usw

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  • Dann lasst mich mal antworten...

    I had a couple of ideas to implement the requested feature (including temporarily allowed HTML when replying, forwarding and printing messages). But it seems still completely impossible because of a missing event listener at the crucial moment.

  • Thanks Thunder for your reply (I have to enable email notifications to know about that sooner).

    Is there any issue/ticket in the Thunderbird issue tracker which I could monitor to get notifications once it would be possible to achieve?

    Btw, what is the best way to report issues/feature requests related to "Allow HTML Temp"? I wasn't able to find any issue tracker or an email address?

  • At the moment I've no plans to use GitHub or a similar platform, even if it actually would be the best solution. Time to maintain my add-ons is limited. I will think again after the announced move of all Thunderbird-Add-ons from AMO to thunderbird.net.

    So at the moment it would be the best to report bugs of my add-ons here.